Benefits of Attending Teva’s Teleconferences

  • by  SueAnn
  •   July 22, 2019

SueAnn is a paid spokesperson for Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.

“What?! I didn’t know that! I’m going to ask my neurologist for more information.” That’s my reaction every month when I dial in to the teleconferences offered by Teva’s Shared Solutions®. In my opinion, it is worth taking time out of my busy day to listen to the hour-long program where I can learn about a variety of topics and ask questions about life with MS.

Fourteen years ago, I entered the MS world and didn’t know if I was ready to learn about my new “normal.” When I saw Teva offered free teleconferences I was eager to dial in because they are anonymous, and I could participate from the comfort of my home. I can be a “fly on the wall” when I just feel like listening to the neurologists and MS patient advocates talk about educational resources and lifestyle tips, or I can ask questions at the end of the session when I want to participate and learn more. These teleconferences have provided me a comfortable way to ease into the MS world at my own pace.

Teva gets it. They understand that sometimes I don’t feel like talking or may not be able to attend a meeting in person; I may just need to listen and expand my knowledge. Knowledge is power and gives me strength on my MS journey.

There are many topics Teva covers in their teleconference that I’ve found useful on my MS journey. Some common topics include heat sensitivity, bladder and bowel issues, travel, relapse management, and a healthy work/life balance. At the end of each teleconference there is a question and answer segment that always leaves me feeling hopeful.

One of the best parts of the teleconferences is that no reservation is needed, and I can listen in as long as I want. Since I am a mom and wife, I appreciate that the teleconferences are offered two nights in a row so I can coordinate the night to join with my busy schedule.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore upcoming teleconferences, topics, and speakers and call 1-800-823-1880 to set up a reminder for the next MS teleconference.

SueAnn H.

RMS Patient

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